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"These folks have the best value in plants. You buy a flower from them and it lives and flourishes. Walmart flowers may be cheaper, but when I have to repeatedly buy replacements because it dies or is sick then it really isn't. I would rather buy once with a fair price then have to buy and do the work multiple times. Their trees and perennials are adapted to our harsh winters and again a one time purchase. So worth it. These guys really care about their plants. They were able to rescue my apple tree pruning job (I had to stop because of how bad I was doing it) and offered great advice for my lawn, both are doing better than ever."

R. Stone - Google

"Great company. Very friendly and professional."

Nini Anderson - Google

"Most beautiful nursery. They really care about the plants and it shows. Love them"

Bethany Stone - Google

"They have a lot of plants and trees. The people there are pretty nice and friendly. A lot of effort they put in what they do to make sure it happens as good as possible. I have enjoyed my experience. There's a man called Timmy who is very good with his hands and a man named Adrian does really good with welding. A man called Kurt also speaks a lot of languages including Spanish so that was cool"

Emanuel Pena - Google

"They knew how to fix our deck. They came when they said they would. The estimate was very reasonable and there were no overcharges. We also had them fix our roof. Again, they came as promised, work was completed on time, and the cost was less than other estimates. We found everyone to be professional and helpful. They are doing our routine lawn care and we will use them for snow removal this winter. It is nice to work with a company that follows through! That is not easy to find anymore. Thank you"

Gordon H. - HomeAdvisor

"Highly impressed with Swiss Precision. They provided knowledgeable and professional services in a courteous manner, all at an affordable price. They contacted me shortly after using Home Advisor, in fact they were the only provider to do so. I had contacted a couple of businesses prior to using Home Advisor with mixed results. I probably wouldn't have selected Swiss Precision based on providers offered up by various other search methods. Thank you Swiss Precision and Home Advisor for a job well done. Definitely check out Swiss Precision."

Robert P. - HomeAdvisor

"One of the few companies that actually returned my call. They brought the right equipment for the job. Will hire again for future projects"

Julio R. - HomeAdvisor

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